WMW 23/2/21

Sapphiria, an early church liar! Who followed the same fait as her husband, Ananias, for trying to lie to God.

I know an extreme consequence for something so many do so often which is not being honest with God. The lesson is don’t try to hide any thing from God; it will only hinder and halt your journey with the Lord.

Sapphiria’s fait was sealed not the moment she spoke the lie but the moment she and her husband came into agreement to hold back on what was Gods.

Agreement is about being one in purpose. Agreement is not simply verbal it’s a matter of the heart.

Of course we can disagree with each other, its ok to have different opinions, BUT we cannot disagree with God. Paul encourages us “to be of one mind, to be like Jesus.” If we can agree with each other on the plans and purposes of God, there is blessing from heaven on the way. 

Jesus says, “if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.”


  1. How do you handle disagreement?

  2. Are you in agreement with wo/men who are not in agreement with God

Scriptures; Matt 18:19, Phil 2, Acts 5

Big Blessings