MWM 24/2/21

The Not So Terrible Twins

Tryphena and Tryphosa are believed have been twins. It would make a good devotion if I could speak about them being ‘terrible twins’ but they were far from being a problem to each other or the Church.

Their names mean Delicate or dainty one. Perhaps deaconesses in the church at Rome, otherwise Paul would not have singled them out for his expression of gratitude for their devoted labor in the Lord. They came from a Pagan background, being of noble birth they live with plenty and pleasure and luxury but still remained devoted to the Lord and His Church.

Sometime it’s those we hear and see a lot that gain recognition and attention for what they do. Tryphena and Tryphosa teach us that those of simple, quiet, delicate devotion often in the background don’t go unnoticed as these twins who found themselves being mentioned in the Word of God for their service.


1.    How do you feel when your contribution is unrecognised and unappreciated?

2.     Thank God for your opportunities to serve unnoticed.

Scripture Rom 16:12