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MWM 13/2/21

I am sure as Job sat in the ashes of his life he dreamed and prayed for better days ahead.

When those better days arrived Job acknowledged God’s faithfulness by giving his three girls names that commemorated God’s goodness. Jemimah means “dove” a symbol of peace,  Keziah means “fragrance” a reminder of an aroma pleasing to God and Keren-Happuch meaning “horn of adornment” a reminder of the beauty that comes from the ashes.

Paul teaches us in Romans 5:1-5, that suffering produces the fruit of perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope which does not disappoint us.

I know you can’t see it or feel in the middle of the pains of life, BUT remember your God is watching and waiting for the moment when His purpose in the pain is revealed and the better days you long forare experienced.

Job’s pain in God’s timing resulted in a double portion of God’s blessing being poured out into his life. His troubles were replaced by “peace,” the stench of his decaying wounds were replaced by sweet smelling “fragrance” and out of the ash heap he sat upon came “beauty.”

These three sisters were a testimony and reminder that God watches and waits to pour out His blessing.


1.     Can you see how suffering has produced something good in your life?

2.     Believe and give thanks for God’s “Peace” “Sweetness” and “Beauty” is on its way in your life.

Scripture reference; Job 42:14-1