MWM 21 days   8/2/21

Elisheba,  Means ‘God’s Oath’  Elisheba must have been born towards the close of the bondage in Egypt, and about the time during which the cruel edict of Pharaoh for the destruction of for male children. Perhaps Elisheba was so named as a reminder of God’s Promise in this most difficult time of Israel’s history.

Growing up in Belfast I was of the generation called “children of the troubles” we were born during the troubles, and knew no other way of life. We had no idea what life was like with the control, fear and restrictions of the ‘troubles’.

For Elisheba, born in a troubled time she may have never know any thing different, had it not been for the reminder of her name ‘God’s Oath’

Whatever troubles we face, God’s Oath to you is He will never leave you or let you down, He will work all things together for your good, he will watch you comings and goings.


  1. What makes it hard to rely on the Promises of God in troubles?

  2. How do you focus on Promises rather than Troubles?


Scripture Reference Exodus 6:23


Big Blessings

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