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MWM 26/2/21

In this final MWM devotion I would like to encourage you to follow the example of Mary the mother of Jesus.  Luke after speaking to her, said; “Mary treasured and pondered” events of Jesus’ birth and the amazement of the leaders in the temple.

Life is not a ‘movie’ that quickly moves from a crisis to a very happy conclusion in 90 minutes. Events and moments of God’s intervention may take a long time to come to pass. Mary watched Jesus grow for many years to become a young man, all the while storing those moments and events in her heart, that one day they would all become clear.

It may be events/moments of God’s intervention in your children, friends or even yourself you are treasuring and pondering. Remember life is not a movie it may take time to see God’s word, promises, dreams come to pass, until God’s timing, hold on and keep them safe in you heart and thoughts.  Don’t give into the temptation to move on to a quick fix solution, best to wait for God’s conclusion.

Lizzie and I trust and pray that we have given you moments to treasure and ponder in these MWM devotions over the past few weeks.

Self Challenge

Have acted on what God has said to you during MWM devotions this month?

Big Blessings

We Lov Ya All

Pastor Joe & Lizzie 


Scripture References—Luke 2:19, 51