MWM 21 Day Challenge   3/2/21


Bithiah most likely came from a Royal Egyptian family, as she is referred to as a daughter of Pharaoh. 

It is possible, after the events of the Red Sea where God protected His people and Pharaoh led his people into disaster and death, Bithiah chose to follow the God of Israel leaving behind her old life in Egypt.  Bithiah could have chosen revenge but she chose redemption.

Bithiah, means ‘Daughter of Jehovah’ and despite the earthly benefits of being a Princess, Bithiah chose to be a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lord.

As ‘Daughters of Jehovah’ you face the challenge of what to leave behind. It is so easy to carry around, the hurt, anger or bitterness over what has happened. The benefit of carrying past hurts only leads to more hurt and hurting other people.

Like Bithiah, choose the benefits of your redemption in Christian.


1.    What are you still carrying that is hurting you and others?

2.    Consider the benefits of being a Daughter of Jehovah.

Scripture reference 1 Chronicles 4:18

Big Blessings

Pst Joe & Lizzie


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