Getting the Word

MWM 25/2/21

Zipporah The wife who got the last Word. 

Overcome with sickness Moses and Zipporah realised they had displeased the Lord in not circumcising their second child. Zipporah may have been the one to manipulate the lack of devotion to God’s instruction because she did not hold to the same devotion as her husband. Moses was too ill to carry out God’s instruction, so Zipporah, with reluctance took the knife and performed the circumcision, her final recorded words to her husband, no doubt in anger; “Surely a bloody husband art thou to me” this is last we see or hear of Zipporah. 

Getting the ‘last word in’ is often an attempt to end an argument as the winner, or turn the knife one more time. I am sure you will agree with Solomon words have the ‘power of life and death’ and of course it not wise, “to let the sun go down on your anger”

Moses may have suffered the consequence of compromise to please his wife, but thank God he continued in his commitment to finally lead God’s people to the promise land.


  1. If you are married, are you pulling you husband down in your walk together with the Lord?

  2. What else can you do to encourage your husband to please the Lord?

Scripture References—Exodus 2:21, 22; 4:24, 25; 18:1-6