MWM 21 Day Challenge   2/2/21

ABI, or Abijah was married to an ungodly man (King Ahaz) but managed to bring up a Godly son (King Hezekiah).  

Each one of us is an influencer, we can influence to good or to bad. Abi influence her son, to be Strong in the Lord despite a husband who led his nation to bow down to idols.

Day after day, Abi taught Hezekiah the ways of the Lord in the face of opposition. As our modern society moves further and further away from the Ways of God, it is imperative on us to be influencers of the things of God especially in the lives of those younger.

Abi’s years of sowing the truth into her son may have felt fruitless while her husband continued in his ungodly ways, but the harvest of her labours came when her son became king and he sought to led a nation back to God.


1.    Who are you influencing into the Ways of God?

2.    How do you influence in the face of opposition?

Scripture References—2 Kings 18:2; 2 Chronicles 29:1; 26:5