Faith& Favour

MWM 16/2/2021


Joanna, a woman healed by Jesus, her name means “The Lord has Shown Favour” We don’t know what she was healed from but we know that she was not only touched physically by the Lord but also spiritually. 

Joanna was one of the last to leave the cross were Jesus died and she was one of the first to confess Jesus had risen from the Dead.

Joanna, was a wealthy lady and out of her own finance she committed to serve the Lord in giving, she along with other women, paid the expenses for Jesus and His disciples as they travelled to share the Gospel.

Having freely received His healing touch, she freely gave of herself, out of her own means to bless the Lord.

Joanna’s wealth most likely came as a result of marriage, Chuza, the husband of Joanna, was the “steward” of Herod. Both Chuza and Joanna would have mixed and moved among Herod’s household, a dangerous place as Jesus and his disciples were not favoured by Herod. Joanna openly followed/travelled with Jesus and would most likely have shared about Jesus in Herod’s household.

When God has openly shown us his favour it is natural we will openly confess His blessing.



1.     List the times the Lord has shown you his favour?

2.     Are you open about your faith in dangerous situations?

Luke 8:1-3; 23:55; 24:10