MWM 21 Days   4/2/21

All the Bible tells us about Claudia is that she was among the devout women who greatly encouraged the Apostle Paul in his arduous labours for Jesus and His Church.

There is mention of Claudia in some historical manuscripts that suggest Claudia was British that she heard the Gospel from Roman converts to Christianity who travelled to Britain.

Claudia, clearly went out of her way to be an encourager and servant of the Apostle Paul perhaps traveling from Britain to Rome.

Encouraging others takes time and effort on our part, it means going out of your way to serve and speak words that support, build up and spur others on to serve the Lord.

Claudia was in the background of the early church being established yet Paul’s appreciation of her devotion, encouragement and support finds her being mentioned in the Bible. 


1.    Go out of you way to speak or serve encouragement to someone today.

2.    What characteristics help us serve in the background?

Big Blessings  

Pst Joe & Lizzie

Scripture Reference 2 Timothy 4:21