MWM 10/2/21

Lois, the Bible’s only named grandmother. Lois and her family lived at Lystra, Paul, during his visit there, may have lead this family to Christ (Acts 14:6, 7; 16:1),

Despite Lois’ name meaning ‘Agreeable’ she was not a walk over.

Lois knew the Word of God and when she came to Christ, she stood firm in the faith ensuring her daughter and grandson Timothy knew what it was to follow the Lord in a world of opposition.

One commentator says of Lois; “One godly parent may counteract the bad influence of the ungodly, and win the child to Christ” (1 Corinthians 7:14; 2 Timothy 3:15).

Don’t ever undermine the power of you consistent commitment to share the Word of God with your children and their children, the Holy Spirit can speak more than you know through your faithful words and deeds into a person spirit.  Isa 59:21

I am reminded that Jesus teaches, when two or three are in agreement on earth what they ask will be done by their Father in Heaven.

Lois, Eunice & Timothy were a threefold cord in agreement on the things of God. So it is no surprise that Timothy was used by God to spread the Word and establish the early Church. 


1.     Could you be in (or begin) a threefold prayer cord to agree in prayer the blessing of God upon DCC?

2.     How do you manage when you don’t agree with the Word of God?

Scripture Reference—2 Timothy 1:5