Infuse Terms & Conditions


By ticking the terms and condition i give my permission for my child to become a member of Infuse Youth which will give them access to the Infuse Youth sessions at Meadow Road Youth Centre on Friday 5-7pm.

I will also ensure their behaviour meets the Infuse Youth expectations & code of conduct and be contactable if they do not meet such expectations.

I also give consent for my personal data to be stored by them in accordance with their data policies. I also give permission for any appropriate video/photographs to be taken of my child to be used for promotional (of Infuse Youth/DCC) purposes only.

We reserve the right to decline or suspend membership to any young person on the grounds of poor behaviour or if they pose a risk to the safety of other young people, themselves or our leaders.


For Your Child

While at Infuse youth club we have the following expectations of your child;

  1. No crowding in front of the main doors

  2. Only food/drinks purchased from the tuck shop are allowed on the premises

  3. Smoking/Vaping is not allowed

  4. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated

  5. Bad language is unacceptable on the premises

  6. Kitchen area is out of bounds except for leaders

  7. Abuse of any kind both physical and verbal is unacceptable on these premises

  8. Treat other how you would want to be treated

  9. Youth leaders and youth council members and all young people must be respected

  10. Treat the equipment provided by the youth centre with care

  11.  No running inside the youth centre