pushy mummy

wmm  22/2/21

A Pushy Mummy;  Salome

A devoted follower of Jesus, she travelled with Jesus and his disciples tending to their practical needs. Perhaps the one blot on Salome’s character she was ‘A pushy mummy.’  My children are the best and so deserve the best regardless of the rest was Salome’s motto.  Salome pushed for her boys to be first in line, to get the place of recognition, ask Jesus if her boys could have the special seats in heaven.

We all have blind spots when it comes to our own children, and of course we all what the best for our children. However, pride over our children can lead mummy and daddy to behave in very ungodly ways.

Pride always leads to a downfall, it is always better to allow God to bring the recognition and honour, we can never force what God has not endorsed. A verse from a few days ago is so relevant when wanting the best even for our own children;  Phil 2: 3 Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility consider one another as more important than yourselves; 4 do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.


  1. Are you a pushy mummy? Maybe wanting you children to get all the praise.

  2. Between you and God are there any blots on you character?