prayer without faith

Rhoda was mocked by those praying, for confessing prayer had been answered!

Rhoda was the servant who responded to the knock on the door as the early church prayed for the release of the Apostle Peter.

Rhoda in recognised Peter’s voice as he stood at the door, in shock she failed to open the door to him and ran back to those praying for Peter’s release.

“You’re mad” they said! The answer to their prayers is on the doorstep and perhaps because it was the servant who confessed the news of answered prayer they refused to believe it was possible.

Despite being told over and over “you’re mad” Rhoda persisted in confessing Peter is at the door.

We can Confess answered prayer by faith by giving thanks in prayer for what God is going to do and we can confess answered prayer by sharing with other what God is going to do. Either way there is always going to be some who will not believe what you confess. PERSIST like Rhoda, God do it.


  1. Are you holding back confessing what God is going to do because others don’t believe you?

  2. Are you praying but not believing the answer is possible?

Scripture   Acts 12