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Feb 2020

Some Miracles Won't Happen 

When the impossible isn’t possible. 

Jesus has encouraged us to; ask, seek & knock in prayer.

The Bible makes it abundantly clear to us that nothing is impossible for God. 

So don’t hold back on asking God for what seems in the natural impossible.

God still does miracles. God still heals bodies and minds. God still provides when we have run out of resources. God still answers prayers and blesses the undeserving.

BUT sometimes miracles are not going to happen, if what we ask for is outside of God’s will or not within God's plan for us its not going to happen. If we ask with the wrong motive its not going to happen.

If we ask for the ridiculous, such as Lizzie and I dancing in the picture opposite, it’s never ever going to happen.

Trusting in God’s amazing wisdom the key to asking and believing for the impossible to be possible.

FANTASTIC.   That is what we said when so many people came to offer help to DCC's youth and children's ministries. 

We now have a Creche running every Sunday Morning service. 

The Creche is ONLY for those 5 years and under. 

Older Children can go to junior Church when the sermon begins. 

Please support those leading the Creche by not allowing older children to stay in the creche area at any time during the services. 

From Latvia to Dudley

WELCOME Evija.     Evija and I met around three years ago while I was teaching in Latvia. I believe God stirred in my spirit that Evija would be a tremendous support to the Worship ministry of DCC. I ask her three years ago to consider coming to DCC, however, God led her path to spend time serving him in Peru.  The connection never left me and I again approached her to join us this year, for Evija the timing of my approach was in God's timing as she was traveling in the USA and feeling God had something new for her in 2020.

It a blessing to have Evija not with us and she will be a blessing to us at DCC.

As you will have seen she will serve on the worship team, she will help mentor our young people, she will work in Cafe Connect. Evija is able to offer music lessons, this is not a free service and if you ask for lesson please remember you will need to pay. 

Lets Get Ready, Get Ready the Lighthouse Centre is almost finished.  We have a hand over date of 20th March 2020. Then our work will begin, as a commitment to ownership of the building we will be painting the whole inside of the building.  This will required a great deal to time and effort as we have one week to paint then flooring will be laid.  We then need to move all the furniture and equipment into the Centre. 

So the Plan is 21st March we begin painting and Continued until 28th March.   

The 30th March -  3rd April floor to be laid. 

The 4th April we set the building, moving furniture in.

SUNDAY 5th April 1pm we as a church together will dedicate The Lighthouse unto the Lord. 

"How awesome is this place surely this is the house of the Lord a Gateway to heaven "


Lighthouse Counselling 

@Dudley Community Church

Our New Name for 

Dudley Counselling Centre 

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