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November 2019

My Wee Girl is Excited

My "wee girl" Olivia Grace, my granddaughter, when told she is going some where will sometimes say one word "excited" "excited." She gets a feeling that something good is in store, she is familiar with the place and the people, her way of expressing that feeling is simply to say "excited" "excited." 

I am blessed to say, when she is told she is going to Church she says "excited" "excited." My wee girl's feelings tells her, Church is a good place, Church is where she has been happy and because she expects it to be the same as before she is "excited" "excited." 

Excitement has to be based on expectations, familiarity and experiences, how excited are we about Church?

Dudley Community Church is a good place filled with good people, but most important Dudley Community Church is the place God calls us together to meet with Him, to worship Him, to learn from Him and to demonstrate our love for Him by loving our brothers and sisters in Christ.  

What robs us of our excitement, is often bad experiences, memories or attitudes. You cannot change the bad past, you cannot even change some people, what you can change is what you choose to dwell on. Choose to dwell on the good and maybe like my wee girl next time when you get ready to go to Dudley Community Church just say "excited" "excited."


We will continue in November going a bit deeper into the Word. 

Make Happiness Happen

Everyone wants to be happy no one enjoys being sad!! People are seeking happiness in the next best buzz in their life. There are endless sources of happiness to suit every taste. 

Yet some many people are hindered in maintaining a happy life.

Indeed this month looks at what robs us of happiness and how to regain and maintain it. 

Sunday 24th Nov 6pm

A Disney Christmas Sing-a-Long

This is an opportunity for you to support the work of The Lighthouse Centre. We have a group of local singers, one being Fiona's daughter who will be with us on Sunday 1st December 6pm to lead us in a disney sing along and of course some christmas classics. 

We will also have a surprise speaker who will share God's Good News. 

We are asking people to make a minimal donation of £5 per person towards the work of the Lighthouse Centre 

Another Update


The Walls continue to rise on The Lighthouse Centre, in November we will begin to see the roof being put in place and then work can begin on the inside, the builder has assured us we will be in by February!! . Pray all goes according to plan, that water, gas electrical and telephone providers will not delay in doing their part.

Before we move in, we will have the opportunity to contribute to the building God has entrusted to us, by having a week to paint the inside before the new flooring goes in. 

Lets not forget what is most important is what we are going to use the building for, to reach the socially, emotionally and spiritually vulnerable and broken of our communities. 

God has spoken to us about the biggest development which is when the socially, emotionally and spiritually broken come into the new centre they will say; "surely the Lord is in this place, this is the House of the Lord, and I didn't know it, its a gate way to heaven" 

Its the people of DCC being present in the place that make it the House of the Lord, is it time you stepped up to serve, it time to respond to God's Call. 

If you have not already seen it, there is a video update which you can view here 



Most of you will know by now that our youth Pastors Dan & Emma, have made the decision that its time for them to move on from Dudley Community Church, so by the end of the year they will have moved back to Liverpool.

Dan & Emma have spent several months making this decision. They have sought my prayerful input and kept us informed over the past several months of how they were feeling God's calling back to Liverpool.  As a leadership we did what we could to keep them, but God's call is what has to come first. 

Dan & Emma have been an immense blessing to us, they have served the church and focused on the youth, building them up spiritually and helping us break new ground in our outreach to the youth of the Wrensnest. Dan also served as Chaplin with the local Air Cadets, sharing with them the truth of the Gospel, week after week. 

We will all miss them and their input.  
Thanks Dan & Emma for finishing so well and the honour and respect you have shown to the leadership of DCC during this process. 

Personally, Lizzie & I agree Dan & Emma have been one of the best youth pastors we have served with. . 


Lighthouse Counselling 

@Dudley Community Church

Our New Name for 

Dudley Counselling Centre 

Our New Cafe

Opening  Febuary 2020

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Don't Miss it

We have the honour once again this year to host the CAPRO Uk Conference .

The need to be equipped to reach the lost of our world will always be necessary so this is an opportunity not to be missed.